Thursday, November 1, 2007


Worse things can happen beyond wonder
Far more than the wrath of lightning and the sound of thunder
A time when the whole creation seeks place for refuge
And the rage of the dark forces are let loose
As the shadows fly across the sky
And light seems to have bid the world goodbye
As the whole creation is at the brink of chaos
And the enlighten ones in deep prayer
Far away from earth at this dark moment
The battle rages between the forces of good and evil
Silence creeps through the ears and a chill runs down the spine
Shriek of pain and sadistic laughter, the power of the dark had begun its design
The forces of light were brought down to ashes
And darkness covered the world in its blanket
Panic set in the creation
And the enlightened deluded to confusion
Except for one who saw us rise from the ashes
From the ball of fire we rose in great splendour
Light was back in power and the battle that seemed lost resumed with new fervour
The shadows had begun their retrace
Firebirds flew to remove their trace
Dark laughter replaced by illuminated smiles
As light started its travel to earth with a speed of few thousand miles

Eclipse refers to a time in life when one looses control. When our thinking is clouded by the circumstances and mere pain results. But this phase shall be momentary as the firebirds(the spirit) shall rise to dispel the darkness (pain , confusion and anger)
-the firebird

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Sanyasi

when i heard the sea roar
i felt i needed a ship and an oar
and then when i was on a voyage
i kept searching for the shore

i always wanted to travel where no one else had reached
slogged and fought to be victorious in search of success that no one else had achieved
championed many problems and practiced before i preached
and here i am alone beyond anyone reach

i was by now rich and powerfull
people hailed me and plotted against me
it was time i felt i was thoughtfull
i left them all , i the leader of my army

i slept that night on the countryside terrain
i had no bed nor pillows and great it even rained
what was i running away from was my own pain
but that night i felt what i did was sane

i kept up to this nomadic way of life
leaves fruits or bulbs on which i have thrived
all this helped me realise the truth behind this life
'Many good thing can be done if one decides to die poor'
says the rythm of life

today i sit under a tree ready to help and advice
but people around me feel i am crazy and run behind happiness who is a master of disguise

a young man comes to me and says

"when i hear the sea roar
i felt i need a ship and an oar"

and i tell him
"and then when you are on a voyage
you shall keep searching for the shore"

Most people never return from those voyages like i did. they get lost in the sea of the desires that roars.And even those who return are lost in the wealth they have plundered.Only a few are lucky to realize the truth and become a sanyasi
- a sanyasi

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overcome your fear

What do you want
what you say
How long are you
supposed to be that way

Why do you fear
cast it away
Express yourself
in a better new way

For all that you care
Why are you scared
Believe yourself
Lets do a dare

What do you fear
drop it away
Know yourself
in a whole new way

Faced with a situation
fear making mistakes
Believe that you are perfect
and courage is all it takes

Why do you fear
lets discover a way
Do it all
Do it your way

Night is dark,its deep
but why are your eyes still open
why don't you drop that pen
Why don't you sleep

What do you fear
dream a new day
there is light
cast your nightmares away

Why make friends
when you lose them
how do you pretend
you don't need them

What do you fear
to be cast away?
When you need them
they shall be there anyway!

How long are you going to cry
How long shall you cling to your past
Don't do it , life's not that dry
look at your present quick fast

What do you fear
past are pages to tear
realize your future
and do everything to nurture

Why every one has an end
why has life to lose
Why it has to be buried
or burnt to ashes

Why do we fear?
is death our end
lets be born again
lets celebrate Life once again
-The firebird

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Author and a Poet

At times I like to poke my nose
And i over heard my pen give the paper the dose

"I wonder" said the paper called oaky
flapping along with the wind beautifully

"I wonder how does think?"
"Believe me the reader of his story wouldn't blink"

"huh" said the pen called inky
readjusting her nib which had gone a bit kinky

"that foolish fellow is a waste "
"writes pages and pages in a haste"

"i understand " said oaky grinning back
"you seem to like that poet whom i did like to whack"

"just writes four lines on a page"
"uses word like his vocab is trapped in a cage"

"Speaks of thing non existent and abstract
"god alone knows who reads that prat?"

"Check my author for a change "
writes ,interweaves and has a fabulous range"

"His reader get a new outlook towards life, inky"
"knows where to place the full stop better than your kinky'

"Oaky" said inky "that why i hate him you see"
"No fullstops is the poets key"

"He doesn't hold me to much,write frugal"
"but has a lot to say"
"He doesn't give his reader an outlook
they choose theirs ,he doesn't over cook"

oaky angry gave her a flak
she spat back on him and he looked dark black

Interesting is the fight
the author and the poet both need write

who has the guts to tell these guys to take it light
Guys stop the fight
-the fire bird

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Phoenix's Tears

as my friend calls me over to the balcony to look into the sky
i can't help notice but why?
he exclaims at the moon and says "Wonderful "
But my eyes burn seeing the darkness in plentiful
he says it beautiful its exactly half
i dont know how i managed to laugh
he leaves me with a dark sky to stare
bloody deep and dark, ready to scare
my eyes begin to burn abright
please for god sake switch on the light
with no hope to find i close my eyes
but then i still meet darkness in a new disguise
today silence i find too loud to hear
as i see your shadows dissappear
there is something in my throat that makes me choke
i can't spit it or swallow, its not a joke
i reach out for my phone
god damn its dead doesn't have a dial tone
i seem to have forgotten the philosophy i taught
i can't hold it in longer, got to spit it out
i reach out for my pen and paper
i settle into a chair with a glass of water
i wanted success at any cost
but on the way there is something that i have lost
i want to push it out i wanna cry
but tears seem to have deserted me how hard i hard i try
as time flies past saying goodbye from a mile
there is something on his face, i recognize it its my smile
days that i spent with you all was like a dream
i know they wont come back how hard i scream
my heart is filled with those moments of our love and care
there is so many things we did share
i wish i could acknowledge the gift you all gave me
as two pearls start rolling from my eyes down my cheeks to save me
- the firebird

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just another Romantic Beginning

Every morning I get up seeing her curl

I feel like singing as she tips and swirls

I walk up to her and grab her by her hips

I feel the energy as I taste her lips

As the sun beams through my curtains to have a look at her

I close my eyes, embrace her in my arms and get lost in her

I feel her love flowing, filling my heart

She gives me the optimism and support for a new start

As her smell fills my senses

I continue to marvel at her appearances

As she leaves me with a promise to meet me later

I hope to loose myself in her dark brown eyes and date her

It’s been days I wanted to tell you all about this person in my life

Yes, yes she is the one on whom I thrive

I keep starring at her, no one else I see

You all know her, she is my coffee

What were you guys thinking??

Good morning and have a great day


Tuesday, July 3, 2007



The carbon represents the journey of man born on the earth buried under various pressures,but as he leave this earth he seem to have transformed into a diamond


When I look back at what I was

There I am standing black and dark

Under the earth buried for years

And then one day, people came to mine my kind, with lots of fears

We were black and dark called Coal

They burnt my kind alive for their goal

But I remained buried there for years

And the fire beneath me dried my tears

I begin to move deeper and deeper

Into the earth, my path to my goal had become steeper

Most of my kind left me and went to the surface

Where they were cut and sliced, what a disgrace

They who cut them felt they were soft and light

They who cut them use them to write

I had tried to stop them, I knew they weren’t right

Anyways these brutes called those of my kind graphite

I thought I would be buried here forever alone

I felt helpless and what I had seen had left my soul torn

I no longer felt the burden of the earth above

No longer the heat of the earth below

I kept digging deeper and deeper

Something told me there was no point being a weeper

The Vulcan deep under in depth of the earth

Blasted out when he came to know what had occurred

His flames touched me and made me invincible

I reached the surface where I was ready to meet the terrible

My enemies found cutting me incredible

And I was no longer inflammable

They proclaimed me the hardest stone

The most precious that woman adorn

Most of them want me to be their own

I am a Diamond and no longer burnt

-The Firebird

Monday, July 2, 2007

The KINGHTS of Methuselah

This is a true homage to all people who put up a fight Any resemblance to Any one still living or half dead is accidental And is not regretted

-Sreenivas Subramanian

The KINGHTS of Methuselah

No swords nor did they have armor

But they fought, THE MEN OF HONOR

The war against the bugs began

All others deserted them and ran

But at the battle of Methuselah, were born the knights

They fought the monsters of sleep with red eyes, day and night

Their socks began stinking

But their empty minds didn’t stop thinking

Their royal robes were dirty and tainted

Thank god nobody fainted. (Oh! that white shirt. U know who I am talking about)

Then came the might enemy THE NULL POINTER and they hit the ground flat

Will some one please RESTART the TOMCAT?(\startup.bak)

The monster of sleep wounded a knight

But he woke up and fought thanks to the bearers of light (thanks guys or I would have slept through the test)

When surrounded completely by the enemy carts

A knight danced and robbed their hearts (kajarare kajarare mind u bollywood rocks)

All they did is Google

Their dinner was cup noodle (yuk……..)

Inspired by the knight, the champions were not to be left behind

They fought and drove home hard and the weather was not kind (is there some one who needs a jacket while driving an activa home at 2:00 in the night)

Then rose a man from the dead

I feel he was shot on his head

If I am not wrong his name was Scott

He replied a why? With a why not?

The army at the battle grew in size

Believe it was not a blessing in disguise

Days went by but to watch the knight fight was a treat

Bored and tired sleep began its retreat

But the fight was far from over

On the D-day they fought gulshan grover (stupid questions from the audience)

The fight was over and the enemy down

Customer our king was happy he still had is crown

People celebrated and danced that night

Even they forgot the worthy knights

So here I write

About the men who put up a fight

On the day graduation

Its time for the knights celebration

Calling all Knights…….

-the firebird

Monday, June 25, 2007

Mariners Compass

This is a story about a dad and his son

A son who wanted to sail in the oceans for fun

The son pecked his dad to fulfill his dream

So his dad gave him a ship which shined as the sun’s beam

The son took his friend along in the ship for a sail

His dad threw a box in his direction and said use it when your friends fail

The son caught the box and tucked it into his pocket

He adjusted the sails and the ship soared like a rocket

The ocean was calm; his friends helped him direct the ship

They went deeper into the ocean, as the sun began taking a dip

Who would have guessed that this would get dirty?

The light had gone and the clouds came to the party

The ocean began to rumble and churn

And the son didn’t know which way to turn

The sails realized they were imperfect

And the ocean decided which way to redirect

As the ship swirled from left to right

His friend ran away, leaving him alone to fight

He remembered what his dad had told him and reached for his pocket

He opened the box and found a small docket

It said the arrow tip in the instrument show you the way

Follow it my son and you shall never sway away

He looked at the instrument showing him his direction

He hoisted the sails and was back in action

The sails put there mistakes behind

As weather grew unkind

For days the son sailed directed by his instrument

The oceans had been silenced, but he drove against the current

His friends returned back to their loyalty

And the ocean back to its serenity

he could now see the shore

and his dad smiling from the door

he got down from the ship

and climbed on to his fathers hip

what is this dad he asked? Pointing to the instrument

its your conscience he replied with a crescent J

In the above story the son represents our soul

Senses our friends, the sails our intelligence, the ship our body,

the ocean our mind and the instrument the compass our conscience which always

knows which way to go use it when your mind plays games say the dad… our lord

-the firebird

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr Thread

This is a story about a necklace in my grand mom’s jewelry box .i just found it last night I remember seeing a beautiful pearl necklace it had nine pearls

Each of different shape and shade But no longer the pearls shimmered in the box which I remember locking it .All I could stare was at the thread I felt he spoke to me .what follows is his story “Hello sir I am Mr. thread “

“I know Mr why you are shocked
It seems you are looking for a necklace that you had locked

Wonderful days weren't they
with pearls red blue green and grey

Pink was my favorite
I have seen no one shimmer better than her till date

Black I thought was great
he liked Red but you know how is fate

Green blue and yellow were my best pals
Maroon brown as sweet as chocolate and grey was a doll

I liked them all and would call them all
Not many knew me ,but the necklace stood tall

Until a day they all became busy
and my calls and repeated request made them fussy

Pink misunderstood me completely
She broke contacts with me immediately

Black stood the test of time
red who was stunned didn’t even mime

Green blue and yellow who were busy didn’t pick up my calls
Maroon and Brown resigned to fate, but grey was still a doll

How do I convince them that’s my job
I had failed to connect their heart, I was a blob

This failure stung me as a lightning stroke
and the necklace that stood tall broke”

As silence filled our space
“I am still here friend” replied Black with a sparkling gaze

As I lifted Mr thread I saw what I had forgot
All other pearls had gone but black smiled next to the knot

A thread similar to Mr thread runs through all of us connecting us with each other.At the level of an individual he represent our soul and at the level of a group he could be anyone or anything that keep us together take care of him...stay connected

-The firebird

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Professor Bat

He was dark and despised
They called him evil and sighed
A few called for his head
Most of the birds wanted him dead

I had been observing him for days
By day he would not fly as he did not have sight
He looked at the world hanging upside down for days
But he flew in the dark by night

Something that made me fly by night
That which made me special was my light
But this fellow was a delight
He flew as fast as me but that too without sight!

We are friends by now
We enjoy our night flight
He was not evil but who would believe me now
The more I tried they even wanted me out of sight

The world had begun to despise me too
As I went back to my folk
They didn’t want me anymore
I packed my bags and left, to be a firebird no more

Flying through the night again
I felt the happiness that rained
Its then that I realized that
He was blind, he was a bat

He was blind to the outer world
But his consciousness reigned in and grew multifold
He only obeyed the order of his self
And flew through the darkest moments with peace within himself

The bat can't see.But it listens to itself, to the sounds it produces and it flies.A flight beyond light and darkness

-the firebird

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memories:The Fragrance Beyond Time

Beyond Semiconductor Memories:

“Sreenivas. You come here. Come here I said “shouted my class teacher (2nd grade).”Tell me why were you talking in the class?” I feebly replied “No madam .He was asking so …” She interrupts me “Go and sit on the 1st row 3rd bench, now”
I look at my new seating position. There were two girls already seated there. I could hear my friend giggling as I began dragging my bag. I pushed my bag against the side of the bench as the girls began adjusting to give me a seat. “You will sit in the middle” ordered my teacher. My friends burst into laughter. I could feel a volcano erupt in me, that’s an insult I said to myself and cursed that god should not forgive her for this(moms don’t entertain complaints against teachers that left only god for me). Just then a sweet voice spoke to me “Excuse me”. The bus had come to a halt and this beautiful girl next to me at the window seat wanted to get down. I got up to give her space I could see some more empty seats. I don’t know from where these seats sprang up; they all looked filled when I got in J aai shapath. (Promise)
Things change don’t they? From change I remember my mom had accompanied me to my open day (also called open house in some schools) where my teacher voiced special concerns about my communication skills. She went to the extent of asking my mom to put me in public speaking courses. You see we (3o of us) used to chew mint (polo) in class (total class strength 78). I was helpless when she asked me question when I had just popped in polo. I tried my best didn’t open not to open my mouth and used too much action instead. I haven’t seen my mom laugh at anything as this piece of advice. Last open house it was quite different “your kid is a menace. He and that Sharma fellow both are hopeless they sit in two corners of the class room but still create a lot of noise” My heart still swell in pride on those words
It was at our out bound’s retreat where we had to summarize what we learnt in those two days. Vishy (our team leader) left the presentation of the summary to me and my colleague Gautam. We did a great job at it and the event organizers came up to me and said “Well done my boy Keep it up”. As I shook hands with the Brigadier I could see the fourth grader in me fidgeting in his chair as he was next on stage for elocution. The fourth grader started moving towards the stage only to be stopped by his teacher for some final instructions “Vishwanath” She said. ”No madam I am Sreenivas” I replied. “Ok listen go on stage and bow “she said showing me how it’s done. I nodded and went on stage. I bowed only to knock the mike off the stage with my head. The whole school was in raptures. I wish I could tell something to the fourth grader that he would speak well and people will appreciate him one day; only if I could .Probably I didn’t need to. He simply laughed along as the teacher tried to calm the crowd and the attendant replacing the mike with a new one and then went further to fetch the mike that had rolled approximately 25 meters. “I am Sreenivas Subramanian from class IV and division A” the fourth grader was off wasting no time “I am here to recite a poem ‘The Honey and the Bear’” and I don’t think he ever looked back then. Did he? NaaaaaaahJ.
Couple of days ago I just lost it .I wasn’t able to figure out why a piece of code was behaving in a manner it not to be. I had almost spent a whole day trying to figure it but no hope seemed to be coming. At 6:30 PM I went to the cafeteria to have coffee. Most of my friends were missing rather none were present. A few had left for the day and the remaining seemed to be too busy to join me for coffee. I decided to leave packed my bags and started the walk back to my room. I happened to bang in to a kid; he seemed to be lost and was in tears. I asked him to cool down by then some one had found him. They thanked me and gave the kid a tight slap for running here and there. It reminds me of myself lost on the streets of Tirupati. We (my family) were at this stall in Tirupati where I saw flute and raised request for it, only to be declined .The shopkeeper said some exorbitant price for an artifact and my mom said move ahead lets leave and I blindly started walking only to realize after sometime that I was the only one who had walked out. Suddenly I realized I was lost I went back along the same route couldn’t find my parents. The shock had even dried up my tears. I sat hopelessly near a tanga wala. He enquired about me and told me to try again. I went again I found no one and started my retreat again towards the tanga. Just then someone grabbed me by my arm and gave me a tight slap. He was my dad (for me it was hand of life grabbing me back).I got my flute that day, today I don’t know where it is I know its shape though it some what similar to a saxophone (ssh…me and bro used to play cricket with it. By the way I have two flutes with me I don’t play even one)

All of us have such travels into our past recollecting the first time you stole a mango from a tree in someone’s compound, running like a mad behind a loose kite and grabbing it before the other team grabs it, the first time you rode a bicycle and falling into the bushes while trying to take doubles, the first crush, the first propose especially if its on hanuman jayanti. But how frequent do we recollect these? Are we so lost in our present and dreams of future that we don’t find time for our past? The friends, the moments that we left behind who live in our memories. I often wonder whether life is continuous or exist in those finite moments of happiness, surprises, shocks and disappointments. We all know our end the inevitable. What do we carry beyond it? Most importantly what do we leave behind? Memories for others to remember us…???

It seems like it’s just been yesterday
When I had met you on the way
We laughed and talked all day
But today we are all miles away

You are all in my memory never to be cast away
For we love each other and can never betray
Believe me my friends today
We are actually just smiles away

A smile that I truly mean and also the smile that make me feel lonely even when I am amongst a crowd.
-The Firebird

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All about going on

When lights go off
And the going stops
When things go wrong
There is no life no song
That’s the time that I believed in going on going on

Things that I loved
And lost it for long
All the tears that I shed
But then, everyone was gone
That’s the time that I believed in going on going on

At the end of my world
And the silence of time
But light had to come
To make a new dawn
I was happy that I believed in going on going on

I am sorry for none
Happy they had gone
It was in me
To go back where I belong
Because I choose to believe in going on going on
-the firebird

Umbrella:(the cup of love)

i was seven years old
and now i was given a umbrella to hold
open the umbrella if it rains i was told

if you don't you would get wet and catch cold

twisting and twirling it in my hand
and at times poking it in mid air like a wand
i loved her she was mine

my hearts skipped a beat when she unfurled everytime

i wouldn't let anyone touch her
hid her in my closet beneath my sweather
down came the rains pouring

i ventured into the rains with my darling
she looked more happy than i was

as the rain touched her smile grew larger
my heart burnt in anger and jealousy

she is mine how does he touch her let me see
the rains stoped and i looked at her

she looked the same as before

many rains have come ,many rains have gone

and i have grown up to understand
she allowed herself to be touched by another man

to protect me ,it was her love
in which she did all she can

i still love her she is mine

my heart still skips a beat when she is unfurled everytime
i still wouldn't let anyone touch her

i still hide her in my closet beneath my sweather

down came the rains pouring again

i ventured into the rains
not alone this time
with girl underneath her for the first time
she looked at me and smiled

rains have come rains have gone
girls have come girls have gone
but the umbrella is still there in my closet
underneath my sweather
and my life goes on

-the firebird

The hole…contd

No more pain yup yippee
But the hole that was still left in me

I spend many days with disgrace
Until I met my friend again, starring at my face

Something hit me faster than light
And gave me a slap really tight

I got up from my dream
But this time there was no scream

Inside the dark hole
Now stood my new goal

I now know I was right
And now have energy for the flight

The flame in me had weathered the storm
Now shone the sun of a new dawn

I feel the awakening of the Vulcan
C’mon stop me if you can

The ambrosia of happiness filled my veins
Ha ha hee hee where is the poison of pain

Hey the Lord of immortal here I come
Accept me my lord the firebird, your son
-by the one who should not be named

The Mermaid: A dream

In the land of the firebirds, they tell this story
About this beautiful female, even the oceans basked her glory

With the bust of a female and fins of gold
She won the hearts of both young and old

Until a day she saw a man
Her heart went thumping from the ocean into the sand

His home was land
And walking was alien to her clan

She decided to leave her home
Swimming through the water’s all alone

She reached the shore
But land was inhospitable to the core

They say she still tries to walk on land
It’s just like the words written on sand

Mesmerized and lost in the fable
I didn’t realize a guest on my table

Waving his hands in front of my eyes
I saw him; I knew he was my old friend in a new disguise

His smile keeps me awake
To my latest and most foolish mistakes

He flapped his wings
And burned a few things

All he said was “the mermaid is a dream
Dreams that cannot walk on the land of reality
But can swim in our heart’s stream
And you don’t understand it what a pity!

I retorted saying you can achieve anything
Or tell what’s the whole firebird thing

We fly to dispel darkness of the mind
And make that soul one of his kind

His silence was killing more than his smile
I knew I had missed the point by a mile

Not all desires he said meet their reality
But get lost in them till eternity
What differentiates life from dreams is this identity
Remember you don’t get everything in your kitty
_the firebird

My Angel or My Friend:

Was this a dream or a nightmare?
I woke up in this castle haunted and scared.

I was hapless and weak
He was dragging me, I felt really meek

This place was really strange
There were writing in blood all over

One on the floor said

I am the shoulder you rest when you tired
It’s my smile that gets you up and fired

He continued to drag me along
Where I read the other part of the song

My shirt still has marks of your tears
My heart holds your secrets and your fears

I gathered some guts and asked
Who are you? You black masked?

He didn’t reply but just dragged me faster
He flung me in a dark room of disaster

In this blanket of darkness I closed my eyes
I saw the angels flying in the sky

A realization hit me faster than light
That black masked guy was my anger all right.

Who are these angels? I wonder
The sky split with lightning and thunder

Its our blood that stains your shirt red
We forgive you, but we are dead

We are your angels in flight
We give you the hope of light

Just then I heard a thud
I woke up, to realize I was off the bed

This was on my mirror

Anger is no solution
Find a better way to tackle the situation
Turn back and you will see us on the horizon

-the firebird