Tuesday, March 16, 2010


pushed into a corner , i found myself
no light , but only shadows to stare at

all my knowledge seemed to have surrendered
and the might of fear seemed to overwhelm my faith

for my defeat looked inevitable even to a fool
and my existence one with darkness

for a volcano of emotions burst out in my heart
a few of anger , lots of hatred for those who gave this dark gift

i burnt in my anger , and hatred; one with the gloom around me
i was transforming into the very same darkness i disowned

a rude awakening one may say when my broken knowledge woke me up
it was astonishing how far i had walked away from where i wanted to be

with a pat on my shoulder " let do it, not try " said my knowledge
from that day till time bid me bye , i stare the darkness in its face,
for that's why they call me a STAR

-- firebird

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wait

In search of those expressions, that smile than looks
Not a person who listens to me , who gives me a ear
but some one who reads me like a book

A search that leads me to directions none worth pursuing
I see a hole in the ship of my optimism , thats begun sinking

For there are suggestion , of change
and to be happy in what I find rather than what i seek
But I also know it wouldn't be me then ,
and no meaning left in what i seek

tempted to change I am I must admit, but "what if ??" my optimism roars
" What if I find the reader
all the expressions, that smile , I have desired forever
Would she be cheated by my decision to change,
for in my optimism and desire was she born
Amongst all this storm, all I now desire is for dawn
-- firebird