Saturday, June 6, 2009


After another tiring day
I drop into my bed
With the fan at full speed
and a pillow under my head

suddenly I feel something
I never felt before
I open the windows
and lock the door

Its amazing as it gets to me
I feel only one thing TIME
and as what I still considered present moves into past
leaving me struggling to rhyme

It aches ! at place i never knew were mine
My thoughts moving in triangles circles and lines

All i did today is to stare at some photos
and i realized gone are the days when we wandered without any motto

Time tries to console me and says "You will remain in touch"
Ya I say why not, orkut gtalk with some luck

But i know our lives are about to change and move ahead; and we are going our ways;
let me tell you all that you all are special to me ; i shall remember you all always

For smaks I believe is beyond time material and space
Its some where within us ;Isn't it this that bring a smile to our face

Reflections :
As a firebird my belief in immortality is pure. Relations are made and broken.
But then ther are those relations with no name , no reason and no expiry which pass into time as a gentle whisper, a cool breeze ,as a fragrance of a flower never to be forgotten. It explains the very basis of immortality to me
Immortality can never be achieved in material. But only in time.


meen249 said...

sreeni good one, And specially the line"i realized gone are the days when we wandered without any motto" is very true :)
V'll miss those days yaar (SMAKS)

sakshi said...

It is so great.. what di i say Sreeni, have no words, just that ill miss you all alot