Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cafe Brews

Every heart has cavities
to hide and to fill
A world filled with action and consequences
to race it  and to thrill

I see pieces of me floating around
in whats seem to be my own doing
I see a golden rim as the waves rise and fall
Have no idea where I am going

how did it come to all this I ask ?
what was my quest ? what was my task ?

Its likes a couple of minutes ago ,
I was whole and fine
I was brown and roasted ,
and smelt sublime

And then she walked into my shop,
with her big eyes and black hair 
was she with someone ,
oh I really didn't care

As the waiter sat them down ,
and passed them the menu
Among many things they ordered ,
there was a coffee I bet you

From the jar ,my life was confined to,
I wanted an escape ,
I have to meet her I have to meet her .....,
I repeated like a broken tape

Was I alone in my desire for her,  I seriously doubt
there were many before me,
and surely many who would have followed me out

As destiny tilted my jar
for what I thought was my escape   
I was crushed
and grounded to powder; to a paste

With a little steam to carry my smell
I landed in this cup , with bits of me as well

 A sandwich for the mister ,
 coffee for the lady - the waiter declared  

As the waves subsided , I realized I was on her table
 I could see her so close - it seemed right out of a fable

But just then the waiter was interupted ,
destiny spoke again - as the guy next to her
Requesting the coffee to be taken back as it was
tea they had ordered

As I ebb and fall in my little cup
destiny waiting to drain me down the tub
I close my eyes and pray
for that voice of hers to call back my tray

- Mr Bean