Thursday, November 1, 2007


Worse things can happen beyond wonder
Far more than the wrath of lightning and the sound of thunder
A time when the whole creation seeks place for refuge
And the rage of the dark forces are let loose
As the shadows fly across the sky
And light seems to have bid the world goodbye
As the whole creation is at the brink of chaos
And the enlighten ones in deep prayer
Far away from earth at this dark moment
The battle rages between the forces of good and evil
Silence creeps through the ears and a chill runs down the spine
Shriek of pain and sadistic laughter, the power of the dark had begun its design
The forces of light were brought down to ashes
And darkness covered the world in its blanket
Panic set in the creation
And the enlightened deluded to confusion
Except for one who saw us rise from the ashes
From the ball of fire we rose in great splendour
Light was back in power and the battle that seemed lost resumed with new fervour
The shadows had begun their retrace
Firebirds flew to remove their trace
Dark laughter replaced by illuminated smiles
As light started its travel to earth with a speed of few thousand miles

Eclipse refers to a time in life when one looses control. When our thinking is clouded by the circumstances and mere pain results. But this phase shall be momentary as the firebirds(the spirit) shall rise to dispel the darkness (pain , confusion and anger)
-the firebird