Monday, July 9, 2007

The Phoenix's Tears

as my friend calls me over to the balcony to look into the sky
i can't help notice but why?
he exclaims at the moon and says "Wonderful "
But my eyes burn seeing the darkness in plentiful
he says it beautiful its exactly half
i dont know how i managed to laugh
he leaves me with a dark sky to stare
bloody deep and dark, ready to scare
my eyes begin to burn abright
please for god sake switch on the light
with no hope to find i close my eyes
but then i still meet darkness in a new disguise
today silence i find too loud to hear
as i see your shadows dissappear
there is something in my throat that makes me choke
i can't spit it or swallow, its not a joke
i reach out for my phone
god damn its dead doesn't have a dial tone
i seem to have forgotten the philosophy i taught
i can't hold it in longer, got to spit it out
i reach out for my pen and paper
i settle into a chair with a glass of water
i wanted success at any cost
but on the way there is something that i have lost
i want to push it out i wanna cry
but tears seem to have deserted me how hard i hard i try
as time flies past saying goodbye from a mile
there is something on his face, i recognize it its my smile
days that i spent with you all was like a dream
i know they wont come back how hard i scream
my heart is filled with those moments of our love and care
there is so many things we did share
i wish i could acknowledge the gift you all gave me
as two pearls start rolling from my eyes down my cheeks to save me
- the firebird

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just another Romantic Beginning

Every morning I get up seeing her curl

I feel like singing as she tips and swirls

I walk up to her and grab her by her hips

I feel the energy as I taste her lips

As the sun beams through my curtains to have a look at her

I close my eyes, embrace her in my arms and get lost in her

I feel her love flowing, filling my heart

She gives me the optimism and support for a new start

As her smell fills my senses

I continue to marvel at her appearances

As she leaves me with a promise to meet me later

I hope to loose myself in her dark brown eyes and date her

It’s been days I wanted to tell you all about this person in my life

Yes, yes she is the one on whom I thrive

I keep starring at her, no one else I see

You all know her, she is my coffee

What were you guys thinking??

Good morning and have a great day


Tuesday, July 3, 2007



The carbon represents the journey of man born on the earth buried under various pressures,but as he leave this earth he seem to have transformed into a diamond


When I look back at what I was

There I am standing black and dark

Under the earth buried for years

And then one day, people came to mine my kind, with lots of fears

We were black and dark called Coal

They burnt my kind alive for their goal

But I remained buried there for years

And the fire beneath me dried my tears

I begin to move deeper and deeper

Into the earth, my path to my goal had become steeper

Most of my kind left me and went to the surface

Where they were cut and sliced, what a disgrace

They who cut them felt they were soft and light

They who cut them use them to write

I had tried to stop them, I knew they weren’t right

Anyways these brutes called those of my kind graphite

I thought I would be buried here forever alone

I felt helpless and what I had seen had left my soul torn

I no longer felt the burden of the earth above

No longer the heat of the earth below

I kept digging deeper and deeper

Something told me there was no point being a weeper

The Vulcan deep under in depth of the earth

Blasted out when he came to know what had occurred

His flames touched me and made me invincible

I reached the surface where I was ready to meet the terrible

My enemies found cutting me incredible

And I was no longer inflammable

They proclaimed me the hardest stone

The most precious that woman adorn

Most of them want me to be their own

I am a Diamond and no longer burnt

-The Firebird

Monday, July 2, 2007

The KINGHTS of Methuselah

This is a true homage to all people who put up a fight Any resemblance to Any one still living or half dead is accidental And is not regretted

-Sreenivas Subramanian

The KINGHTS of Methuselah

No swords nor did they have armor

But they fought, THE MEN OF HONOR

The war against the bugs began

All others deserted them and ran

But at the battle of Methuselah, were born the knights

They fought the monsters of sleep with red eyes, day and night

Their socks began stinking

But their empty minds didn’t stop thinking

Their royal robes were dirty and tainted

Thank god nobody fainted. (Oh! that white shirt. U know who I am talking about)

Then came the might enemy THE NULL POINTER and they hit the ground flat

Will some one please RESTART the TOMCAT?(\startup.bak)

The monster of sleep wounded a knight

But he woke up and fought thanks to the bearers of light (thanks guys or I would have slept through the test)

When surrounded completely by the enemy carts

A knight danced and robbed their hearts (kajarare kajarare mind u bollywood rocks)

All they did is Google

Their dinner was cup noodle (yuk……..)

Inspired by the knight, the champions were not to be left behind

They fought and drove home hard and the weather was not kind (is there some one who needs a jacket while driving an activa home at 2:00 in the night)

Then rose a man from the dead

I feel he was shot on his head

If I am not wrong his name was Scott

He replied a why? With a why not?

The army at the battle grew in size

Believe it was not a blessing in disguise

Days went by but to watch the knight fight was a treat

Bored and tired sleep began its retreat

But the fight was far from over

On the D-day they fought gulshan grover (stupid questions from the audience)

The fight was over and the enemy down

Customer our king was happy he still had is crown

People celebrated and danced that night

Even they forgot the worthy knights

So here I write

About the men who put up a fight

On the day graduation

Its time for the knights celebration

Calling all Knights…….

-the firebird