Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Last Breathe

As I pack my bags for what they call my end

I peep outside the window to see light at the bend

Their sounds of song and dance die as I close my window

Locking my home I scan the empty sky as I prepare to go

My only companion my horse and my guitar

For my journey back home amongst the stars

As pictures of days gone by flash in front of my eyes

A few sparkling with happiness and a few loud cries

My horse and I are up on the way to the mountain

Where my end is destined and certain

It's dark and cold here and silence runs miles deep

My horse tiptoes and as shadow I creep

I don't fear the beyond as I turn to have a look behind

The lights from the busy street down are not hard to find

I wave them farewell as if they would respond

I hope they would not forget what is right and what is wrong

Let courage and compassion mark each of their acts

Let honesty prevail as lust and greed distract

I pray they remember what they learnt and what I taught

Happiness boredom or failure together we had fought

As darkness readies itself to engulf me dear

Lots of love and a happy new year

- the year of 2007