Monday, October 1, 2007

The Sanyasi

when i heard the sea roar
i felt i needed a ship and an oar
and then when i was on a voyage
i kept searching for the shore

i always wanted to travel where no one else had reached
slogged and fought to be victorious in search of success that no one else had achieved
championed many problems and practiced before i preached
and here i am alone beyond anyone reach

i was by now rich and powerfull
people hailed me and plotted against me
it was time i felt i was thoughtfull
i left them all , i the leader of my army

i slept that night on the countryside terrain
i had no bed nor pillows and great it even rained
what was i running away from was my own pain
but that night i felt what i did was sane

i kept up to this nomadic way of life
leaves fruits or bulbs on which i have thrived
all this helped me realise the truth behind this life
'Many good thing can be done if one decides to die poor'
says the rythm of life

today i sit under a tree ready to help and advice
but people around me feel i am crazy and run behind happiness who is a master of disguise

a young man comes to me and says

"when i hear the sea roar
i felt i need a ship and an oar"

and i tell him
"and then when you are on a voyage
you shall keep searching for the shore"

Most people never return from those voyages like i did. they get lost in the sea of the desires that roars.And even those who return are lost in the wealth they have plundered.Only a few are lucky to realize the truth and become a sanyasi
- a sanyasi