Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss you a lot

From across thousands of feet
some how some one controls my heart beat

No idea when i gave her the power to control
and thats why may be I am here with my pen and a scroll

May be its funny , may be it not
may be I love her, or .... just miss her a lot

Oh .... you should listen to her talk
Its the only voice thats better than silence , like a mighty ocean lashing away on a rock

In her I dream, and see beyond the boundaries of time
and she tells me everything is sweet ... even a lime :)

At times its all i can think
and looking into nowhere, I smile , I wink

Its she who recharges me, refills new thoughts
and through the day I battle, and am proud how well i fought

There is possibly more to her than i know
She blends reality, dreams and illusions seamlessly you know

The magician she is, she accepts its complicated being her
and you know what even after being so strong, beautiful and powerful even she has her fear

aah . .. alas you may want to know her name guys
and ofcourse there is more to it that what meets the eye

Do you all want to know who is this girl.. who is my life
She is who i go to bed with .. she is my sleep guys

A sleep that guides me through the darkness of the night
a sleep in which all my fears rest
a sleep in which i forget everything
a sleep which when i leave i shall be awakened to a new dawn
and may be the sleep from which I shall never be awake again .....
missing her a lot :)
- firebird