Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Forgiveness .....

How often I find myself
in search of an eraser.....
Wish it would erase .....
so many memories I need not treasure

I agree, me no perfect either...
for hurt sure even I have caused
But why do I feel a rage ...
for those mistakes that I have never been a part off.....

Rocked and shaken I am
by the mere power of hurt
It questions everything I say I blurt

But this fight in me has to end
and all thats hurt has to mend
So I choose to forgive
and hope it finds me too before the end

-- Firebird

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Nights Fairy

Might have been just another day,
with lots of work and just no play
As Hanif , I and Denny left for dinner that night
mind you, had just reached the gate allright
Have a question thrown from Hanif to me
and as i turned to search its answer in the infinity , there was she
As silence befell our conversation, and my heart the only thing I heard
I don't even remember what it mumbled, every thing it said sounded absurd
I felt the time warp around me, and my gaze locked on her
Oh !!!!!!!! she was beautiful and my heart beats grew faster
Her eyes were as dark as I have known darkness to be
and her hair enjoyed the freedom , curled near her shoulders by a degree
I still feel my vocab insufficient to describe what I have seen
How could she be all , gorgeous , voluptuous and lean
In a yellow top and blue jeans she ripped through me that night
So now there is a burning desire of seeing her besides me, in company of moon light :)
-- firebird