Friday, June 18, 2010

My search for strength

I often dig deep into myself ,
with a question for company in search of it answer
for often i wonder what strength is all about

Is it to stand tall after a fall
or to hide ones tears for the sake of all

Is it the property of victorious
or may be what make life of a martyr glorious

Probably to stamp ones authority and demand for what one wants
or may be to accept ones undoing ignoring others taunts

is it to befriend the shield and the sword
or to forgive every sinner, win him over with the might of ones words

Is it lead a life of principles not compromised for convenience
probably swimming in the oceans when the storm is intense

or is it to break up and cry at ones defeat
or the feeling of loneliness engulfs you as your world crumbles under your feet

Is it beyond men to understand what it means
or is it subconscious which helps us redeem.

- firebird