Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Nights Fairy

Might have been just another day,
with lots of work and just no play
As Hanif , I and Denny left for dinner that night
mind you, had just reached the gate allright
Have a question thrown from Hanif to me
and as i turned to search its answer in the infinity , there was she
As silence befell our conversation, and my heart the only thing I heard
I don't even remember what it mumbled, every thing it said sounded absurd
I felt the time warp around me, and my gaze locked on her
Oh !!!!!!!! she was beautiful and my heart beats grew faster
Her eyes were as dark as I have known darkness to be
and her hair enjoyed the freedom , curled near her shoulders by a degree
I still feel my vocab insufficient to describe what I have seen
How could she be all , gorgeous , voluptuous and lean
In a yellow top and blue jeans she ripped through me that night
So now there is a burning desire of seeing her besides me, in company of moon light :)
-- firebird


Bharath R S said...

cool man! hope u get her ;)

Shehzada Mohak said...

Ha Ha Ha...
Sahi hai bidu...

Shehzada Mohak said...

Mujhe toh yaad bhi nahin hai ki woh kaisi dikhti thi...
Gadi bahut tez chala rahi thi woh...
Tu bhi seekh le,
chase karne ke kaam ayega...

sibm said...

Dude.. chase her.. but as u used to say.. 'one at a time'.. :) - Vaibhav

Prasad said...
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Prasad said...

All the best dude..hope ur desire will turn into reality..