Thursday, December 16, 2010

Standing Still

sands have come and sands have gone
from beneath my legs ... a world I have known
have been washed into the deepest oceans of thought
just by standing still , I have fought

things that existed, and now a past
beyond recognition, but their memory lasts
in the moistness of my eyes another vision was lost
just by standing still, I have fought

may be I am still hurt, tired of what I think is wrong
but then I am still hanging in there, may be I am strong
in thirst pain hunger and a loveless drought
just by standing still , I have fought

Ohh I have been advised to inflict pain on those
to be a thorn in the flesh, rather than carry a heart of rose
I couldn't do it, even when he was a Balrog of Morgoth
just by standing still I Have fought

sands have come, sands have gone
as the darkness deepens I wait for the dawn
for a bugle shall sound from east before my existence is one with the infinite nought
just by standing still , I would have fought

- firebird

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A phantom , a warrior , a ghost who walks

Concept : Aashish Pangam

This tale is from a bloody battle of all times
and a fable retold many a times

About a soldier who went to battle as a man
to fight for good , to fight for his clan

He believed in right knew what was wrong
but his enemy was brutal , and battle drew long

He didn't wanna hurt , he didn't wanna kill
surrounded by the enemy he fought with his will

Even though he tried to be human in battle
his enemy was barbaric , nothing in their path was spared , but killed

His bravery his will held him in good stead in the fight
until an arrow pierced his heart out right

He bled , and pain knew no bounds
and through the battle field, his shrieks of pain did rounds

He fell on his knees , and crashed to dust ...
or so thought his enemies that he would .. he must.

Fell dead the man ... and a warrior rose
and chopped the heads off the enemy who even came close

A sword no sharper, a hit never so lethal
for even the heartless enemy felt his hatred , and an experience near fatal

Even as time stood appalled , and mother earth dress in bloody carcass
he became the wall that no enemy would dream to cross

I wish I could remember that day as the triumph of good , and a dark era gone
but I know for sure, that night in battle a honest good man died and a warrior a war machine was born.

-- firebird

Monday, November 8, 2010


Through my adventure till today
I met two kinds of people, I must say

The one who spoke and lived by truth
and the other lied , and would do whatever it took

But deep within they never lied
good or bad .. maybe right or wrong ... but their souls never cried

Until lately I discovered the third kind
Oh they are amazing ... they leave both these guys behind

they lie to themselves and are honest to the world
and the firebird once believed one such honest lie they sold

but soon the lie rose to the fore
firebird is happy like never before

but it pains to see their complicated lives
a heart and a conscience both dozed off for life

their soul alone carries the burden of this all
for one day their heart and conscience will wake up and the hypocrite shall fall ...

-- Firebird

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miss you a lot

From across thousands of feet
some how some one controls my heart beat

No idea when i gave her the power to control
and thats why may be I am here with my pen and a scroll

May be its funny , may be it not
may be I love her, or .... just miss her a lot

Oh .... you should listen to her talk
Its the only voice thats better than silence , like a mighty ocean lashing away on a rock

In her I dream, and see beyond the boundaries of time
and she tells me everything is sweet ... even a lime :)

At times its all i can think
and looking into nowhere, I smile , I wink

Its she who recharges me, refills new thoughts
and through the day I battle, and am proud how well i fought

There is possibly more to her than i know
She blends reality, dreams and illusions seamlessly you know

The magician she is, she accepts its complicated being her
and you know what even after being so strong, beautiful and powerful even she has her fear

aah . .. alas you may want to know her name guys
and ofcourse there is more to it that what meets the eye

Do you all want to know who is this girl.. who is my life
She is who i go to bed with .. she is my sleep guys

A sleep that guides me through the darkness of the night
a sleep in which all my fears rest
a sleep in which i forget everything
a sleep which when i leave i shall be awakened to a new dawn
and may be the sleep from which I shall never be awake again .....
missing her a lot :)
- firebird

Friday, June 18, 2010

My search for strength

I often dig deep into myself ,
with a question for company in search of it answer
for often i wonder what strength is all about

Is it to stand tall after a fall
or to hide ones tears for the sake of all

Is it the property of victorious
or may be what make life of a martyr glorious

Probably to stamp ones authority and demand for what one wants
or may be to accept ones undoing ignoring others taunts

is it to befriend the shield and the sword
or to forgive every sinner, win him over with the might of ones words

Is it lead a life of principles not compromised for convenience
probably swimming in the oceans when the storm is intense

or is it to break up and cry at ones defeat
or the feeling of loneliness engulfs you as your world crumbles under your feet

Is it beyond men to understand what it means
or is it subconscious which helps us redeem.

- firebird

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


pushed into a corner , i found myself
no light , but only shadows to stare at

all my knowledge seemed to have surrendered
and the might of fear seemed to overwhelm my faith

for my defeat looked inevitable even to a fool
and my existence one with darkness

for a volcano of emotions burst out in my heart
a few of anger , lots of hatred for those who gave this dark gift

i burnt in my anger , and hatred; one with the gloom around me
i was transforming into the very same darkness i disowned

a rude awakening one may say when my broken knowledge woke me up
it was astonishing how far i had walked away from where i wanted to be

with a pat on my shoulder " let do it, not try " said my knowledge
from that day till time bid me bye , i stare the darkness in its face,
for that's why they call me a STAR

-- firebird

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wait

In search of those expressions, that smile than looks
Not a person who listens to me , who gives me a ear
but some one who reads me like a book

A search that leads me to directions none worth pursuing
I see a hole in the ship of my optimism , thats begun sinking

For there are suggestion , of change
and to be happy in what I find rather than what i seek
But I also know it wouldn't be me then ,
and no meaning left in what i seek

tempted to change I am I must admit, but "what if ??" my optimism roars
" What if I find the reader
all the expressions, that smile , I have desired forever
Would she be cheated by my decision to change,
for in my optimism and desire was she born
Amongst all this storm, all I now desire is for dawn
-- firebird