Friday, January 30, 2009

The Butterfly

Among the winged creation that grace the sky,
she fell in love of earth.
Leaving sky she choose earth to fly,
and in mother earth's flower and fragrance she flirts.

Buzzing and busy this winger of color,
captures the imagination of all.
And makes me the Firebird wonder,
is sky really beautiful of all.

This winger is a treat to watch,
not to mention a inspiration to me.
She flocks and flies to so many flowers
but takes only the nectar you see

teaching me to take the good from each flight
she is my little teacher "THE BUTTERFLY"

---- Firebird

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Light within

In midst of things that seems to have no beginning nor an end
i look up to the skies for the light to descend

i had been moving forward with my heart as the compass on the trail
and now there were times when its started to fail

It neither attracted or repelled
but i moved ahead on the path that i had last held

All that i realize is the deep dark night
but i have pledged to fight

and thats when i stopped pitying my plight
and didn't look up to the skies for light

the more i learn of darkness, i knew something well
in these walls of pain i wasn't alone to dwell

they were many, like and unlike me
like the drops that form the dark sea

it pained me to see myself a part of the darkness i despise
the pain just grew ,until it burnt me and there was no respite

And as it stands now i have a light of my own,
and the darkness of many
the battles seem to be mine, but victory not yet any