Thursday, June 18, 2009


when we Bangalored on september four
in search of a place where we could live the lore

We were two group then, me lalu and ranga were one
the tronics guys arun doggy and parageee the other one

Ranga i was told was allergic to smoking and drinking
And if you would tell that to Arun; he would say he is basically joking

So then as fate would have it ; it all started from a mallu newspaper
and we all ended up at Anita house munching banana chips and wafers

In a city where we couldn't find place for two we now had a place for six
while we shifted and watched TV that night others were searching for acco ; were in a fix

where else on earth would jockey be a bank and "sorry" a banned word
balcony for private talks and birthday boys face smeared with curd

Begin the day with aadat and jal
and play cricket with an eight kilo dumbell

the absolute sasta shopping at big bazaar
and the weekend trips to wonderla mekadat and far

my hole , aruns wall and ranga raags
doggies bathroom parags TV ;lalus "The ayurvedic drink" at that was all.

the rebellion for a dining table, unlocking of a locked room
the late night tea at lazza and the wind at the slide in the backyard

for the office stories we shared to dories dal
aur jis din ho cricket match us din to uska haal behaal

between lazy saturdays and long weekends
from pyaaz ki kachoris at BDA to laCAZA the list never ends

the dhoom2 in kamakya
and then the dhoom3 at kamakya

for we had strength and weakness had no sign
but then fate has its design (i don't mean rangas blog it has none)

for nows its 2 in states, 2 in mumbai, 1 in pune & 1 in mindtree
longing to meet you all one day one place 306 SKYLINE SURABHI.


Saturday, June 6, 2009


After another tiring day
I drop into my bed
With the fan at full speed
and a pillow under my head

suddenly I feel something
I never felt before
I open the windows
and lock the door

Its amazing as it gets to me
I feel only one thing TIME
and as what I still considered present moves into past
leaving me struggling to rhyme

It aches ! at place i never knew were mine
My thoughts moving in triangles circles and lines

All i did today is to stare at some photos
and i realized gone are the days when we wandered without any motto

Time tries to console me and says "You will remain in touch"
Ya I say why not, orkut gtalk with some luck

But i know our lives are about to change and move ahead; and we are going our ways;
let me tell you all that you all are special to me ; i shall remember you all always

For smaks I believe is beyond time material and space
Its some where within us ;Isn't it this that bring a smile to our face

Reflections :
As a firebird my belief in immortality is pure. Relations are made and broken.
But then ther are those relations with no name , no reason and no expiry which pass into time as a gentle whisper, a cool breeze ,as a fragrance of a flower never to be forgotten. It explains the very basis of immortality to me
Immortality can never be achieved in material. But only in time.