Thursday, December 16, 2010

Standing Still

sands have come and sands have gone
from beneath my legs ... a world I have known
have been washed into the deepest oceans of thought
just by standing still , I have fought

things that existed, and now a past
beyond recognition, but their memory lasts
in the moistness of my eyes another vision was lost
just by standing still, I have fought

may be I am still hurt, tired of what I think is wrong
but then I am still hanging in there, may be I am strong
in thirst pain hunger and a loveless drought
just by standing still , I have fought

Ohh I have been advised to inflict pain on those
to be a thorn in the flesh, rather than carry a heart of rose
I couldn't do it, even when he was a Balrog of Morgoth
just by standing still I Have fought

sands have come, sands have gone
as the darkness deepens I wait for the dawn
for a bugle shall sound from east before my existence is one with the infinite nought
just by standing still , I would have fought

- firebird