Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overcome your fear

What do you want
what you say
How long are you
supposed to be that way

Why do you fear
cast it away
Express yourself
in a better new way

For all that you care
Why are you scared
Believe yourself
Lets do a dare

What do you fear
drop it away
Know yourself
in a whole new way

Faced with a situation
fear making mistakes
Believe that you are perfect
and courage is all it takes

Why do you fear
lets discover a way
Do it all
Do it your way

Night is dark,its deep
but why are your eyes still open
why don't you drop that pen
Why don't you sleep

What do you fear
dream a new day
there is light
cast your nightmares away

Why make friends
when you lose them
how do you pretend
you don't need them

What do you fear
to be cast away?
When you need them
they shall be there anyway!

How long are you going to cry
How long shall you cling to your past
Don't do it , life's not that dry
look at your present quick fast

What do you fear
past are pages to tear
realize your future
and do everything to nurture

Why every one has an end
why has life to lose
Why it has to be buried
or burnt to ashes

Why do we fear?
is death our end
lets be born again
lets celebrate Life once again
-The firebird

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Author and a Poet

At times I like to poke my nose
And i over heard my pen give the paper the dose

"I wonder" said the paper called oaky
flapping along with the wind beautifully

"I wonder how does think?"
"Believe me the reader of his story wouldn't blink"

"huh" said the pen called inky
readjusting her nib which had gone a bit kinky

"that foolish fellow is a waste "
"writes pages and pages in a haste"

"i understand " said oaky grinning back
"you seem to like that poet whom i did like to whack"

"just writes four lines on a page"
"uses word like his vocab is trapped in a cage"

"Speaks of thing non existent and abstract
"god alone knows who reads that prat?"

"Check my author for a change "
writes ,interweaves and has a fabulous range"

"His reader get a new outlook towards life, inky"
"knows where to place the full stop better than your kinky'

"Oaky" said inky "that why i hate him you see"
"No fullstops is the poets key"

"He doesn't hold me to much,write frugal"
"but has a lot to say"
"He doesn't give his reader an outlook
they choose theirs ,he doesn't over cook"

oaky angry gave her a flak
she spat back on him and he looked dark black

Interesting is the fight
the author and the poet both need write

who has the guts to tell these guys to take it light
Guys stop the fight
-the fire bird