Friday, August 15, 2008

Life :The Process

I have heard the wisest speak,
nectar flowed from his beak.

He said the process is important
and I asked what about the result

His smile grew bigger than ever
i didn't know was my question foolish or clever!

After a brief silence he left the room
I received a note from him by noon

Fly to the world of men, it said
It looked like an order than a request

It was in the world of men,
I saw machines that did the work of ten

with a body of metal, no heart or brain
they worked morning to night,again and again

delivering results being only their goal,
the term life was alien and so was soul.

On the other hand , the creator of machines "man"
still had not mastered the death, he wishes he can.

The end result of all men who's existence begins from the womb
seemed to me goes through various paths but results in a tomb.

I saw the answer starring at my face
I flew back to my world with great pace

"Welcome Back" said the wise beak,
"See" he said before i could speak
"what differentiates men from machines is life,
a process beyond result of any kind "
"So fear not the result but the reasons all right"

"Then why didn't you tell me if you already knew?" I asked
"why had i to fly so long in search of the answer"
He smiled and said "the process is more important"

---The Firebird