Friday, December 1, 2006

The Firebird's Spirit

In darkest of nights I have seen

There was no star in the sky or moon light for company

My dreams had been massacred and my wounds were deep

My body was tired but my eyes still horrified would not sleep

Staring at the darkness outside

I could see the darkness inside

The universe being its expanse and time its depth

My hope to fly had met instant death

I had been flying above the rest

Had left them behind, I knew I was the best

I turned back to see the sun had set

I flew faster but darkness won the test

I collided into a rock and fell

And darkness was the place I had to dwell

I had to get back home for sure

But how much more pain could my wings endure

I needed light for my flight

I prayed and to my delight!

The very next moment I burst into flames

Darkness in me was ashamed

Hope had triumphed again

Surprised to see light I searched for its source

It was in me the flame had rose

Flapping my wings I rose to the sky

I was joined by many other who had forgot to fly

As tears rolled down their eyes

it was then that I realized

The FIRE BIRD has to fly in the darkness of our heart;bringing hope to all our desires that have seemingly met dead ends

the fire bird “NEVER GIVES UP”

I am a firebirdCalling all others…………………

The Hole

In deep hole
Alone with my soul

With pain shearing through my dreams
All that i can hear is my screams

Every second is now an year
the wounds are deep big and clear

No blood that oozes or flesh that falls
it pains it pains but whom do i call

In a hole that has no beginning or end
I stay alone with my soul my only friend

As I talked to him my pain grew
He smiled at me as if nothing was true

My heart went through his flames,got burned
He replaced it with a stone and away he turned

As he walked back he shouted
" No more pain or agony ha he he" he hooted

No more my heart moves or it beats
I see it everyday tied to its seat

No more pain yup yipee
But the HOLE is still left in me

The Flames of Love

Looking into time
There is a message the silence mimes

I never wanted to write again
Put down the events in the ink of my pain

As she sat next to me and her head rested on mine
My heart was full of joy and pain had no sign

I could see our future in the setting sun
We were like the sky and the earth at the horizon

Now I wait to see her once more
And tell her I love her from my heart’s core

For now its time I throw my pen;Wear my armor and fight
I sit here waiting for my wings then and the fire bird will be ready for flight

Looking into time
There is a message the silence mimes

“You can hurt yourself with a thorn
And kill yourself with a rose”

At times love is cast away for a relation
And strangely
There are times when a relation ceases to exist but love becomes immortal.